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Identify and visualise causal connections in speech and writing

Causal Map is a new online research tool, a way to code, analyse and visualise fragments of information about what causes what. Use it to make sense of what interviewees tell you in social science research. Use it to visualise stakeholders’ experiences of how a programme or intervention is working and create collective empirical ‘theories of change’.

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Highlight connections

Identify the links made between causal factors, according to your source text

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View causal maps

See causal maps build up live as you code causal connections between factors

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Filter and analyse

View and compare maps and connections by any theme or characteristic to help your analysis

When people talk and write, they often give us rich information about what they think causes what. How then to extract this rich information from texts, whether that’s survey responses, interview transcripts or monitoring reports?

Causal Map is designed to help you identify and highlight information about what causes what within the text, then use powerful filtering and queries to help you aggregate, visualise and present how your sources perceive change happens.

You may also be interested in Causal Map’s little sister – StorySurvey, a web-based app to help you collect causal stories from your stakeholders.

Check out these additional services

Restructuring and importing your data

Qualitative data analysis

Qualitative data analysis

If you don't have time to prepare your data for Causal Map, we can do it for you! Contact us and we can quote you for a professional data cleaning and preparation service.

We have trained qualitative analysts who can code data in Causal Map - whether for large scale surveys or in-depth interviews. Contact us to discuss your needs and for a quote.

We can offer advice on designing questionnaires, including using StorySurvey, and provide additional support to new or advanced users of Causal Map.

We charge by the day for consultancy work, or in smaller increments for 1:1 support.

Please contact us about any of the above to receive a quote tailored to your needs.

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