Thinking together within and beyond Communities of Practice

Feb 6, 2024
Christoph Jaschek, a student at the MSc in Systems Thinking in Practice at The Open University used Causal Map to analyse semi-structured interviews for his Masters thesis.
“The research was based on an exemplar case study conducted in August and September 2023 in a German non-governmental organisation. It employed a qualitative research design and included ten semi-structured interviews with the staff of the case study organisation. The aim of the research was to generate recommendations for the Management Team of the case study organisation to improve existing social learning spaces and to create a new social learning space. Using a dialectical approach, the dissertation examined the interview material not only systematically but also systemically by means of causal mapping.” (Jaschek, 2024, p.1)
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See what Christoph has to say:

"As a capstone for my Master´s degree in Systems Thinking in Practice at the Open University, I had to write a dissertation. I decided to focus the dissertation on the topic of social learning spaces and Communities of Practice. I opted to analyse the primary data collected during the semi-structured interviews using the technique of causal mapping. I did some research and found several programmes that would help me to construct the cognitive and causal maps. I chose the tool because of its appealing visualisation of the maps and the variety of tools that make a comprehensive analysis of the maps possible. The application allows to directly link the transcripts of the interviews with the creation of the cognitive and causal maps and their systemic analysis. I also highly appreciated the personal and user-oriented support from Steve and his team that took place via e-mail, several video calls and Slack. I don´t use actively at the moment. However, I am working on the exposé for my PhD. So when it comes to analysing the primary data for my thesis, I will definitely consider again." (Christoph, 27, from Hamburg, Germany).
Jaschek, C. (2024). Thinking together within and beyond Communities of Practice (T802-23B: Research project, M.Sc. in Systems Thinking in Practice). The Open University.