Collaborative working on Causal Map App

Sep 22, 2022
notion image
One feature we’ve been asked for most on Causal Map is live collaborative coding: if only two people could edit the same file at the same time! Well, we’ve now made that possible.
Up until now, you and your colleagues have been able to log in to the same or different maps from the same or different accounts*, including from multiple browser tabs – so you can have two maps open at once – but you couldn’t both edit the file at the same time. That’s what we have enabled. (Or you can even have the same file open yourself in two different browser tabs if you want).
So for example if you have a large file with a lot of transcripts, you could start coding, say, statements 1-200, and your colleague can start coding statements 201-400. The factors you create will be available to them and vice versa.
This will probably later become a premium feature for subscribers to the Unlimited package only, but right now it is free for everyone on the Tokyo server only – let us know ( if you have any questions or comments.