When undertaking research and/or creating policy, we need to know about people’s mental models of the world: what they think causes what. One way to find that out is to ask people, and analyse their answers. Causal Map does what no other software can: it enables you to code, organise, understand and present this information as a network or map.​

Other qualitative research software is designed to tag and organise the themes and frequency of themes within these kinds of texts. Other kinds of specialist software can help you to construct and present information about a network. But how about being able to do both together?


With Causal Map you upload texts containing people’s views about what causes what. This could be interviews, emails, published documents, questionnaire answers to open questions.

Then you view the texts, section by section, looking for passages which suggest causal connections. When you find a connection, you highlight it and encode it as a link between a pair of causal factors.

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