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We're hard at work on StorySurvey. It's a new causal mapping app, like SurveyMonkey for stories. You design a survey, and people fill it in online. Making causal mapping quick and easy.


Small surveys will be free!

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🦉 StorySurvey is provided by Causal Map Ltd.

Frequent questions

Is StorySurvey publicly released?

No, but we are using it with a small number of partners. 

How are respondents invited?

At the moment, you as survey editor invite respondents to participate simply via a web link. You can send that link to anyone you like.

Are surveys private?

A survey can be made private so that no-one else can find the survey except if they know the link. 

Can someone fill in a survey twice?

Normally, respondents are prevented from filling in a survey twice via a cookie, but if they were clever enough they could get round that and fill in a survey more than once. 

However, we can also enable "token mode" so that you can send an individualised (anonymous or not) link to each respondent, so that only they can respond and so that each respondent can only finish the survey once.


What if a respondent loses the internet connection?

StorySurvey remembers respondents' sessions, so that if they don't get round to completing the survey or if a connection breaks, they can resume later as long as they use the same device.


How to log in to edit the survey?

StorySurvey does not require respondents to log in in any way. 

If we at Causal Map are deploying the StorySurvey for you, that is all you need to worry about. However if you want, you can have a role as survey editor, which means you have to log in with a Google account or email to view the surveys to which you have access.

Where is the data stored?

StorySurvey (questions and answers and other settings) are securely stored in a private MySQL database at Amazon EC2. Like most web apps, StorySurvey uses SSL to encrypt data in transit.

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