Support with your research

Consultancy package

Sep 19, 2022
We offer consultancy support for your research, this is one of our packages:
This service provides you with support and guidance for your research. You can ask questions, request feedback, or seek advice from our experienced researchers. You can also request customised services.

This service includes:

15 minute meeting
First meeting to get to know you and your goals
Ongoing support
Monthly retainer for ongoing data coding, analysis, and consultation.
Support via email, online meetings and slack messages.
Starting from 2 days of consultancy
You can also choose to add to this service:
Restructuring and importing your data
If you don't have time to prepare your data for Causal Map, we can do it for you! Contact us and we can quote you for a professional data cleaning and preparation service.
Starting from 1/2 day of consultancy
We can also design and conduct in-depth, qualitative, automated interviews with Qualia:
Creation of an automated interview with Qualia
Starting from 1 day of consultancy
For more information about Qualia,