StorySurvey 4: Automated interviews at scale

Jul 24, 2023
StorySurvey, our app for automatically conducting qualitative interviews, has received a major update! The app now features an improved chat bot that will enable the automated surveys to be carried out more robustly and at a larger scale. Keep reading to see what it looks like and for an invitation to explore StorySurvey's possibilities for your organisation!
Key changes in StorySurvey4 and how you can join in
We have now separated the set-up interface and the interviewing bot, with the new chat bot being designed to be faster, more robust and scalable for larger surveys. You can play around with an example survey with this link, which is an automated interview relating to the respondent's experience of a recent work project and is designed to focus on interpersonal factors as explanations for what went well and what didn't. Some StorySurveys have a specifically causal focus, asking respondents for the reason behind each reason they give to a certain question, in order to build a fuller picture of their experience. Others, like this one, don't.
An exchange with the StorySurvey4 chatbot about a recent work experience
notion image
When looking at the interface for setting up your interview, you will recognise a similar look and feel to StorySurvey3. You are still able to start with an existing prompt, edit it to suit your needs and get a shareable link to send to respondents. You can also still review the survey data in Causal Map, where Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used to synthesise the key words and ideas said by respondents.
Using the set-up interface of StorySurvey to choose an interview script
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Join us in testing the latest version
The latest iteration of StorySurvey was recently used in a live case study with a healthcare provider. The response rate was around 80% which was very encouraging, and nearly everyone completed quite a long interview, producing around a page or two of interview transcripts each. We also got quite a lot of positive feedback on the interview experience.
Keep an eye out for a future blog post with further details.
We are testing each layer of development of StorySurvey4 and are looking to partner with a couple of additional organisations who would like to try it out in a real case. The survey can have a specific causal angle or take a more open format. If you are interested in testing an automated interview with between 20 and 200 respondents, drop us a message at!