New feature: Semantic search

Exciting news, Causal Map has just launched a new feature: Semantic Search🚀

Apr 2, 2024
Say goodbye to the limitations of exact keyword matching and hello to a search experience that understands your intent. 🎯
🤯 With Semantic Search, you can now find statements that are closely related in meaning to your search query, even if they don't contain the words you typed.
This powerful AI-driven feature uses embeddings to capture the meaning of your search phrase so it can deliver the most relevant results. 🧠
To use Semantic Search, simply type in your query, such as "relationship problems," and switch the toggle to "Semantic". You can even search using multiple concepts by separating them with the word "OR" in all capitals.
notion image
The best part? Semantic Search works seamlessly with Causal Map's other filters ✨, allowing you to narrow down your results to specific sources or categories.
And don't worry about language barriers 🌍 – Semantic Search doesn’t care too much if your statements and your search phrases are all different languages!
Ready to experience the magic of Semantic Search?
To learn more about the new feature, Visit our Guide
*The new Semantic Search tool is available for the AI subscriptions, check if you have access to it or contact us to change your subscription at