Causal Map presented at “The Most Significant Change technique in 2024: Diversity & Innovation” conference

Jun 27, 2024
Yesterday, our team at Causal Map (Steve Powell and Gabriele Caldas), alongside Carys Phillips from People Speak Up, had the privilege of participating in the second day of the "Most Significant Change (MSC) Technique in 2024: Diversity & Innovation" conference. We shared our recent work analysing MSC interviews for the Creative Home Delivery Service (CHDS), an inspiring arts and health project designed to combat loneliness and improve wellbeing through creative arts in Wales.
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Project Background

The Creative Home Delivery service, facilitated by People Speak Up (PSU) in partnership with Connecting Carmarthenshire, Carmarthenshire County Council, and Hywel DDA Health Board, brings together 12 creative artists to offer activities like movement, singing, creative writing, storytelling, visual arts, and spoken word to participants. In March 2024, PSU commissioned Causal Map to identify the project's impact pathways by analysing interviews with key informants.
Key highlights:
  • Identified causal links in MSC interviews with AI assistance
  • Created visual representations of impact pathways for easier interpretation
  • Uncovered patterns that traditional analysis might miss
  • Supported the project’s evaluation process
It was inspiring to share our innovative approach with peers and receive valuable feedback. We're thrilled about the potential of AI to enhance MSC evaluations and provide deeper insights for impactful projects.
Thank you to Carys and PSU and all conference participants for this enriching experience. We're looking forward to continuing our work in advancing evaluation methodologies!